Patrick Barron Presents: 


History behind the pledge​​


Print a copy of the Congressional Independence Pledge

Response to solicitations

Print and mail your congressman asking them to sign the Congressional Independence Pledge!

Congressional Independence Pledge
When you receive request for donations from your congressional candidate if he has not yet signed the Congressional Independence Pledge print this response to solicitations letter. Instead of returning a donation send this letter!

​Let your member of congress or candidate know you're serious about having them work for you and not special interests or partisan politics

Contact me if you've sent a response to solicitation letter instead of money to to candidate!​​

With your help we can make your representative in congress independent to you and not special interests or partisan politics!​​

Instructions: Cut and paste the letter below into a word document. Site and this works best if using Google Chrome. Explorer and Firefox may add spacing between paragraphs you'll need to delete.​​

Response to solicitations letter